All jobs begin with a free online virtual estimate or in-person evaluation.
All jobs are by the hour for the first clean. Once the 1st clean is done, the estimated set rate is confirmed and locked in for all the future cleans.

Are you on a tight budget? Let us know, as we’re known to be very creative on finding solutions to fit all kinds of budgets.

Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning Rates

$40 per hour and per cleaner.

Commercial office cleaning service

Commercial Cleaning Rates

50$ per hour and per cleaner.

Event cleaning services

Event Cleaning Rates

Do you have an event or a birthday party or even a large corporate event? Our staff is available and experienced as a party helper. 

Pricing - Areas of service

Nettoyage Éco Vert provides services without a travel fee within the specified borders: west of Papineau, east of Highway 15, and certain adjacent districts west of Highway 15. Additionally, this service is available before crossing the southern or northern bridges of Montreal.

Additional Fees for Other Areas

Service areas rates

Additional Fees

Travel fees are required for places that are located outside of the borders. Travel fees are compensation to the cleaner, for their extra time & costs of transportation.  This amount will be calculated at the estimate.

Weekend & Evening fees are also applicable when cleaners are working outside their normal schedule (see schedule above).  Residential: $10/cleaner/hour. This fee is for a bonus/hour to staff for working outside of their regular hours.